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Rockfield Stadium

floor plan

project completed: march 8th, 2021

plot value: $1.1M

advanced placing, large plot, multiple floors

client: 8BLOCKTREY

this was another one of those projects where scale and size was the issue. this wasn't a project I was super motivated to do but I it was something I at least wanted to attempt and this is my final result. Sure, the visitor capacity and visitor amenities are not that great (only snack bars and not a full kitchen anywhere, the locker rooms are small, the hallways from the entrance to the actual stadium are awkward and crammed) but that's only because I wanted to include surface-level parking. otherwise, it may have been a different story. though perhaps the only challenge I considered at the time was the detail of the football field itself; whether or not it was accurate or sizable. american football not being a thing in this game may have made this stadium overall useless. however it was still a fun endeavor and at least I was able to present something conceptually at least from an exterior standpoint with the choice of textures, landscaping, and visual design.

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