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Rockchester High School

project completed: march 25th, 2021

plot value: $1.6M

advanced placing, basement, large plot, multiple floors

client: I3a11oon

scale and proportion was probably the most important element when constructing this school. how big does the high school need to be in order to feel appropriately sized? while still including a football field and sufficient parking space? this was actually a revised build of an initial build I started for another client who got blacklisted from the game. so taking up the motivation to start on a new school in the same vein of that initial project, took some time before I finally explored this one. deriving from many references, but mainly North Creek High School in Bothell Washington, my vision was to construct a modern public school. clean, pristine, contemporary but somewhat realistic; this school has 12 classrooms, 6 common core and 6 other (CTE, humanities, fine arts, music). the school building has two sections, sort of two bulks that group together when looking at the layout; there is the hallway of classrooms, and the other section is the main center (administration, gymnasium, cafeteria). 

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