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Modern Farmhouse

project completed: april 4th, 2021

plot value: $1,208,772

advanced placing, basement, large plot, multiple floors

client: CupcakeEmmaYT

5 bed 3.5 bath

this project mainly focuses on interior design. i've been wanting to improve the detail and aesthetic value of my decorations as looking upon past builds before 2021, they were quite basic. so this was one of the builds where I actually tried to step up my game and introduce a lot more clutter, offer much more complexity in the arrangements of furniture and furnishings, which involved layered flooring which I started to do a lot more especially beginning with this house. I think I provided a charming home that embarks on the modern farmhouse trend. the house has a lot of rectangular patterns, the driveway, patio, the kitchen backsplash and tiling in the great room fireplace. overall there was an increasing amount of definition that wasn't there before 2021 and the structural update. this house being made right after that update really put this property as an early display of the advantages to beams. beams are found all around in this build; the exterior, porch, interior walls, custom light fixtures, etc.

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