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project completed: april 8th, 2021

plot value: $723,865

advanced placing, basement, large plot, multiple floors

client: bossetik

from what I've seen prior to releasing this build, fast food restaurants in bloxburg typically lacked the detail, realism, or accuracy of the actual locations of these establishments. even if they are accurate, there was always something missing. so I took on the challenge of creating a McDonalds that's both nice and adequately realistic. I wouldn't call this project necessarily a brain-exercise but there were a lot of decisions for how the exterior was going to be made that I didn't realize I would question so much. specifically with the ceiling and roof, and the actual signage for the restaurant: where do I go with it? should I just 100% copy the reference images? and how can I make this look accurate given the current capabilities of bloxburg? that's sort of the challenge with every build I approach; use a point of reference, and capture the essence of that; which could be labeled as an impressionist approach but, I think I balanced that with the demands of the client, and at the end, the result was satisfactory.

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