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Hotel Le' Luxueux

project completed: january 15th, 2021

plot value: $2,290,557

advanced placing, basement, large plot, multiple floors

client: IIVampBuilds

detail. the biggest concern of this build was detail because the objective is to create a Parisian-looking hotel. from the mansard roof, to the quoins on each corner of the structure and each column, the frames around the window; there was a lot to add to the exterior of this project which prevented the hotel from running at full room capacity. with the 16 total guest rooms, only 4 got furnished. I think the results look good, and overall a decent attempt at the style. I wish I added more definition with the structure (extruding or positioning the exterior olumns out further and mixing darker values). the interior is something I wish I improved upon, though to be fair, I was working with plot data restraints.

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