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Fresh Foods Marketplace

project completed: april 19th, 2021

plot value: $1,641,134

advanced placing, basement, large plot, multiple floors

client: I3a11oon

I think what bloxburg speedbuilders usually lack in their builds of grocery supermarkets was the precision of accuracy. the accuracy to how realistic they were is a missing key element to their projects. though most people don't build large supermarkets, I think a commercial grocery store speedbuild that was both realistic and detailed was missing from the bloxburg space of interest. this is where I was inspired to build a modern grocery store, one similar to Whole Foods. though I never stepped foot into a Whole Foods before, I was mainly mimicking the interior and exterior designs of those stores. not only did I build it once, but I also built it twice. this is the revised version of my initial execution, and you can see the immense amount of progress in how far my skills have grown. I think this is a great place for photos; the attention to detail in certain shelf products, the grocery carts, the parking lot, the inclusion of a garden center and restaurant in the store are all things I feel like make this place special.

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