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frequently asked questions

"Can you build me a house?"
At this point in my career, I'm only building for
friends only and occasionally discord server members. Just know I always have someone who I am building for, so the answer will always be no. It doesn't hurt to ask though!

"What do you use to record or edit?"
For recording, I use the paid version of Bandicam, To edit, I use Wondershare Filmora 11.

"Can you friend me?"
No, but we can always chat on Instagram or Discord!

"Do you have any tips for building?"
I'll write a blog post about this subject. As this is being written on 3/1/23, please keep checking this page for updates.

"How do you build so good?"
I'm flattered you think my building is good. I started off by mimicking real life buildings (thus in some project descriptions, I cite or reference other people's work) and practice trying to recreate that accurately into Bloxburg. This only works for my style of building, so I don't have the exact info to tell you how to be good; However, generally when it comes to building, I think the most important aspects are scale and proportion. Don't make elements too big or too small in comparison to other elements of the build. In terms of layouts, you can look at real life floor plans on Google and mimic the flow, the way things are placed, mimic that. How do you think artists get good at drawing? They copy, trace, learn the methods of others. How did those "others" get good? Practice. It's really all about practice.
"Why did you start YouTube?
I started YouTube in April of 2016 because I was inspired to make gaming content by the YouTubers DanTDM, Markiplier, and other famous content creators. At the time, it was something I wanted to do for fun and part of was wanting to become famous, so me and my IRL elementary friends started YouTube channels and we began from there. Fame, and for the fun of it, as completing a huge project like a speedbuild rewards a very satisfactory feeling. Improving upon building is part of the reason why I keep going. These days, I do it for money.

"When did you start playing Bloxburg?"
I started playing around in December 2016.

"Can I collab with you on Bloxburg?"
I'll tell you if I am interested in collaborating with you. Just ask!

"Weren't you quitting Bloxburg? Or YouTube? Didn't you just quit overall?"
In terms of "quitting," I was quitting the full commitment of doing my IIzachBuilds channel. Otherwise, I would have to pull a Morgz and drop out of school, which is NOT a good thing. Though as dramatic as I presented the departure, I didn't actually decide to quit forever. So, thanks for being part of the active reign of my brand. I'll still be active in other areas of the itncoll, but less so from IIzachBuilds.

read more below! more questions will be added periodically

F.A.Q's: Quote

"Can you give me Robux?"
No. Unless it's a giveaway or milestone special.
"How do you make intros? Do you know any good intro editors?"
I usually get my intros off from Panzoid, but I do occasionally use blender to edit intros.

"Can I get a tour of one of your builds?"
You would have to ask the client of the plot, which I could give you contact info.

"Where can I found the decals of a certain build?
Usually in the description of the specific speedbuild or on the dedicated site page for the portfolio.

"Why can't you make up your mind? You keep deleting stuff and redoing things in your speedbuilds! It is annoying aghh!"
Well it's okay to be indecisive, I don't plan out any builds I do, I let my mind roam and the creativity and inspiration is just there. If I see something that doesn't look right to me, I change it to be the best that it can look. By the way, as of Season 7 starting December 17th, 2022, I will plan out my builds. So, they should be easier and contain less deleting.

"Can I copy your builds?"

"How do you get so much money in bloxburg?"
I don't get so much money. Donations, Robux, or working are all ways I do but I don't get money very actively or consistently.

"What ethnicity are you?"
I am Vietnamese and Iu Mien. My Nationality is American.

"How old are you?"
I am 17 as of today. My birthday is July 29th.

"Do you reply to DM's?"

"You have a gf/bf?"
I'm single

"Why do you loop the same song for speedbuilds?"
I do this to save time and storage because my speedbuilds can drag on for quite a long time.

"What are your computer specs?"
-AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (8-core Processor)
-Asus Prime X570-P Motherboard
-16GB System Memory
-500GB SSD / 2TB Storage (Seagate)
-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB

More questions will be added soon!

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